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Ijo Temple-special temple of Syailendra Dynasty

Ijo temple is one of Hinduism temple in Yogyakarta. It is located in Bokoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It was built during Syailendra Dynastyperiod. Syailendra Dynasty was the most powerful dynasty in 7-11 centuries. His kingdom, Mataram, has control over Indonesia (from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi).

Among his period, He left a lot of temple. Most of them were built from stone, especially andesit stone. There are three types of temple from Syailendra Dynasty if we look them from the position of the main temple :

  • The individual type

The individual type means that the temple was not built in a "true" complex of temples. The Temples that belong to this type are complex of Gedongsongo Temple and Complex of Dieng temple.

  • The main temple as center

This type is used by the most temple of Syailendra Dynasty. This type means that the main temple (the big one) is surrounded by the small one.We can see from temple like Prambanan Temple, Sewu Temple, and many others.

  • The main temple in the back

It is the special type of temple from Syailendra Dynasty. It is known by the position of the main temple (the big temple) in each complex. It is in the back of the other temple (the small one).As I know, there is only Ijo Temple that uses the main temple in the back as its type.

What is the meaning of type? (to be continued......................)

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="342" caption="The main temple of Ijo Temple"]The main temple of Ijo Temple[/caption]

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