Monday, 26 September 2011

Student versus Journalist

A few weeks ago, there was incident between student of Senior High School 6 Jakarta and Press. Students attacked some journalist.Based on police statement, the incident was caused by student who took the journalist video. The video recorded the fighting of student that included student of Senior High School 6 Jakarta. The Journalist, who has the video, came to school in order to take his video back (see in ).
This incident makes education in Indonesia shocked. It is our responsibility to keep the education smoothly. Student did like that is influenced by adult and media around them. They read, see, and do what they learn. It is not only school responsibility to educate the students but also all of component in our society (government, people, media, and other).
As known, demonstrations always happen in Indonesia every time. Almost,they are finished by clash or anarchy. The student learn from it. Finally, they conclude that demonstration is common using anarchy as the end.
Indonesian values, such as tolerance and respectful, should be applied to all side. Education, telecommunication, press, police, political, and other should use and apply it.

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